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Hello everyone, Just to let you know that i moved websites on Dec 1st, I have went self hosted. On the move I stupidly managed to delete all my followers so couldn’t switch you all over to my new site. If you could please come and follow me at my new site please that would be great. I’m really hoping that this goes onto your reader still. 
Pauline x

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24 Easy Days Of Elf On The Shelf

The countdown is on and Christmas is now only 24 days away!

Today is the day when all of the elf’s arrive from the north pole to watch over your children and report back to Santa every day until Christmas Eve!

Some of you may wonder what in gods name I’m going on about but if you’re a mummy blogger then you’ll know very well, that I’m talking about the – Elf On The Shelf. If you’re not familiar with it already, it’s the best and funniest advent calendar I’ve ever had for my 7 year old son and it’s something I really recommend doing for your child at Christmas time. It’s certainly a great way to improve their behavior when December is already stressful enough.

Unfortunately my son has found out about Santa Claus this year and Mr Jingles ( Our build-a-bear elf ) will not be returning. If only my son had found out a few weeks earlier when I finally purchased the real elf for 26 quid eh! Thankfully I can put it away for when Callum’s old enough for it.

I decided to do this quick post because I noticed that there’s a few people just began the elf on the shelf this year and I thought I would tell you how I went about it and some of the idea’s that I’ve used previously. Some are considerably easy as who wants to be farting about with this elf every night just before bedtime. uh -uh! So here is how I go about my list and  24 days of elf on the shelf.

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(Quick note) There are a few photos at the bottom of my post from last year to show you what I done. They aren’t that great but it is what you make it, it doesn’t need to be Pinterest perfect, unless you’re a great photographer! This is mainly just a list from day one until the end but I have inserted a Pinterest board below with lots of idea’s for you and I also have another board for elf on the shelf printable’s because you’re going to need some of them too. I’m not sure how to go about a photo post yet and the thought of asking all these people if I can use their photo for my post would take a long time and time is something I don’t have.

So lets get started.

First of all I suggest you start pinning every single elf on the shelf post that you find on Pinterest because once you start this tradition, you will have to do it every year and the ideas start to run out, so get pinning and I suggest you do this all throughout the year as planning begins in November. Print out a December calendar sheet and write a do-able idea for everyday. Once you’ve decided on the plan you then have to buy all of the supplies, now this can go to around £50.00 (if you let it) and I know what you must be thinking – don’t they get enough for Christmas? I always think of it as a part of their Christmas so it doesn’t bother me, the reaction and excitement is my aim and a lot of it is already things you would normally do at Christmas time anyway. This is where the Poundshop, Home Bargains and B&M Bargains comes in handy for their cheap books, activities and stationery etc….


Dec 1st –  The elf arrives, with his welcome letter and a North Pole Breakfast ( you will need a new Christmas cup, and breakfast bowl/plate/tray) Search pinterest for North Pole Breakfast for some fab inspo!

Dec 2nd – Put mustache’s on family photo’s, one on the elf and leave 1 spare for child ( these can be bought from B&M Bargains in the novelty toy section) I’m sure you could get them from e-bay or amazon also. Don’t forget to take pictures!

Dec 3rd – Depending on how early you put up your decorations you could decorate while your child sleeps and pretend the elf done it while you were all asleep. Remember to leave a note saying it was the elf who done it with a few little sweet treats.

Dec 4th – Write on your bathroom mirror with the toothpaste your elf’s name and leave elf to hold the toothpaste as though it was them that done it.

Dec 5th – Elf brings a Santa letter where they write out their Christmas list and you then make a trip to the postbox to post it.

Dec 6th – Elf covers the Christmas tree with the child’s underwear all over , doesn’t cost a penny.

Dec 7th – Buy a new Christmas book and get the elf to read to the child’s other toys and then read it to them at bedtime.

Dec 8th – Get out one of your kids game’s and pretend the elf and another toy are playing it, then of course have a game with them.

Dec 9th – I usually sellotape the elf up at the top of the stairs on the banister outside Sean’s bedroom and get a figure to sit in front of it as though the other toy/s have tied him up.

Dec 10th – get all your baking supplies together arranged with your elf with a note, to bake Christmas cookies/cupcakes.

Dec 11th – get a baking bowl, fill it with fake snow ( you can buy little bags of fake snow from the poundshop or you can use those test-tube bottles that you add water to- also from the poundshop) and get the kids to bury m&m’s or smarties (as seeds) and a few days later, candy canes can sprout out –  get the child to check daily to see if anything has grown yet, I’d leave it a few days.

Dec 12th – The elf has ate the child’s advent calendar so buy 2 before December and replace it the next day.

Dec 13th – The elf has come with a letter that the child is going to see Santa today! At the shopping centre.

Dec 14th – The elf brings a Christmas activity ( you can get loads of different Christmas activities from Home Bargains and the Poundshop, like making your own Christmas tree ornament/ making your own Christmas cards etc….

Dec 15th – Elf Brings tickets to the Panto! Pre-book some seats.

Dec 16th – Make Zig Zags with crept paper outside your child’s bedroom door frame and pretend the elf had some fun while they were asleep. Buy some crept paper from the Card Factory, cut it into strips and sellotape to the door frame.

Dec 17th – Fill the bath with white balloons and pretend the elf is having a bubble bath

Dec 18th – Line up all the shoes in the house, like a train. Putting the elf in the first set of shoes/welly’s and child’s toys in the others ‘The shoe shoe train’

Dec 19th – Buy post it notes and place them all over the kitchen cupboards, you could also use Christmas bows but post it’s are much faster to work with, you could also do the shape of a Christmas tree if you buy the right colour of post its.

Dec 20th – Fill up your washing machine and place the elf in front of the window for child to find, with a little surprise.

Dec 21st – Candy cane treasure hunt. Hide a certain amount of candy canes around the room, in easy places and if they find them all they will get a treat ( a Christmas lolly/sweet)

Dec 22nd – Have the Elf bring a new DVD and popcorn and have a Christmas movie night.

Dec 23rd – use mini marshmallows and pretend the elf and another toy were having a snowball fight. You can use your fake snow from before with this to set the scene.

Dec 24th – The elf brings the Christmas Eve box, containing new pj’s/slippers, a key for Santa if you don’t have a chimney, reindeer food, which you can easily make at home with porridge oats and glitter or be purchased from e-bay for like £1.80 in a little presentation bag, The night before Christmas book and also a new DVD if they watch a DVD before bed, a character bubble bath, A small selection box or whatever else you would like to add. The elf must also come with a goodbye letter.

For years I wanted to make a memory book of it all but it never happened. You should take pictures of all the things you have done, including pictures with the kids, their reactions and make a memory book to look back on, and also I really want to see what you’ve done with your elf – so blog them too 🙂

There loads of idea’s on the Pinterest board below, these ideas above are just very easy and fast idea’s because if you work full time and try to fit the elf into your life, it can be a bit time consuming so I hope I helped someone at least!

24 Days Of Elf On The Shelf easy elf on the shelf, elf on the shelf ideas, elf on the shelf printables, advent calendar, christmas, quick elf on the shelf ideas

I would love to Donate Our Build-A-Bear Elf


to another family.

 I only bought it 4 years ago because I only had £20 in the bank and I couldn’t afford to purchase the real elf at the time and this was the quickest alternative I could find.

So….. The first person to DM me on twitter gets the elf!

Make Christmas magical for your little one and start the elf tradition, this gets me more excited than the kids I think! lol

Whats your Elf’s name?

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Project 52 -My Family Photo week 12 & 13

Week 12 didn’t work out as planned, as the kids were off school last Monday and Sean went off to stay with his dad on the Sunday so we never got our photo done, so I’m bringing you a double post today.

 Week 12 I thought I’d do something different and it’s a messy one, what was I thinking!

We actually had a lot of fun creating this little picture and it’s now took its place on our fridge. Check out Callum’s little blob! 2

On the Blog

Tuesday 17th Nov, I spent the full day researching and pondering about whether to go self hosted. I was going to take the plunge but in the end up when I went to purchase my new domain it wouldn’t let me due to problems on the site. I tried so many times and gave up after deciding that this was probably a sign for me to just go with the flow at the minute. Did I really need my whole website messed up and having to fix it all. No thanks, so I was rather glad that it never worked out.

FullSizeRender final


I have bypassed last months page views. So if your a stat watcher you can imagine how happy it’s made me. It’s my goal every month to do better than last and it pushes me to work harder the following month. My views have doubled since I first began in the middle of August, this month alone!

I’ve joined another Linky where you can post to it weekly only about things that made you happy that week which can also be added to my weekly posts like this one I do every Sunday. If it sounds like something you’d be interested in you can join the linky. It’s called The #happydiaries linky Hosted by Tracey over at The Anxious Dragon and you’d be more than welcome to link up as long as it’s a post about something that made you happy recently.


I’ve been reviewing Bepanthan  nappy ointment with Callum and I have been testing out Insta Natural Youth Express Eye Gel so I’m excited to bring you these results very soon. The eye gel will be published in a few weeks as I would like to really test it to see the results. It’s quite out of my price range for skincare products and if I’m going to recommend it, I want to see if it works!

I also have 2 new planners for 2016 that I purchased. The first one from TOAD diaries ( My Blog Planner ) and also Busy b ( My personal Diary with Stickers) coming really soon!


Home Life

How exciting that Christmas is just around the corner, I have just purchased a new white Christmas tree and I’m looking forward to doing more of a theme this year. So I can’t wait to go shopping for all the decorations tomorrow. The weather has stopped us getting out these past few weeks and its rather depressing. We had a few outing’s to attend, to celebrate St.Andrews day this weekend and they all had to be cancelled. There is no way I’m taking the kids out in that crazy weather!

Callum’s doing much better in the sleep department thankfully but we’re still having trouble on the days when he comes back from his dad’s. Tuesdays & Saturdays I’m made to pay for my day off the day before. Sometimes I think I might have an easier time of it if I never had any days off at all. I have been getting a better sleep at night though so that makes it a little easier.

My Dad came for an unexpected visit today, so I got about 2 weeks worth of housework done in an hour. I haven’t saw him in a few months as he stays quite far out and its hard to travel to with the pram and a crazy baby, so that was a lovely surprise! He’s been inserted into this weeks family photo.

IMG_5485 final

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My New Blog Planner From Toad Diaries

This week lots of plans have been cancelled due to the bad weather and I’ve been racking my brains to find out what has made me happy recently and this is the only thing that has brightened my week!

❤ My New Blog Planner From Toad Diaries ❤

This is a Christmas gift I requested and I can’t wait to get writing in it. Having a blog planner is essential! There’s so much information on a daily basis that needs to be wrote down and remembered, a lot of things usually slip my mind……so please hurry up 2016!

I thought I would give you a little preview of what to expect from each page incase you’re also looking for a new diary/planner for 2016. But first let me tell you a little about Toad Diaries incase you haven’t heard of them before.

Toad diaries is a company that lets you design your own notebook, starting from any date you choose. You can decide how many pages you want, the size and the cover design. There are gridded options, lined formats and blank pages which you can customise and there’s lots of different ranges to choose from, I’m sure you’ll find one you like.

This is a list of the options I selected

Size -A5

Binding – Wiro-bound

Style/Range – Mono Range – Light Grey

Format – 1 Day Per Page

Duration – 12 Months

Start Month – January

Start Year – 2016

Week Starts on a – Monday

You can also choose an undated diary or have it printed on yellow paper instead of white.

The front and back cover can be personalised with 2 lines each. On the front of mine I chose My Blog Planner and underneath YummyMummyStyleBlog and on the back cover My Blogs URL and underneath Parenting-Lifestyle-Fashion.

my new blog planner from toad diaries

My New Blog Planner From Toad Diaries 2

The front and back cover have a semi-frosted poly cover for added protection. So if you take your diary everywhere with you, this is great for keeping it looking in tip top condition. Looking inside the diary the front and back cover has lots of colourful quotes, all about time ( of course) and on the first page there’s an introduction of HI I belong to……….. where you add your name and contact details and also the TOAD story of why the founder Tim Grinsdale began making these useful diaries. Turning the page it then gives you instructions on how to make your TOAD Origami (found in the back pocket) Now to be honest I have no idea what an Origami is, I’ve never heard of it before. Turns out its the Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures. So in this instance its a TOAD obviously DUH! It shows you how to make it and then it tells you to post a picture of it on their Facebook wall to be in with a chance of winning a free diary, of course you know I’m competition mental and will be entering that!

My New Blog Planner From Toad Diaries 3

On the next few pages its pretty much your usual diary stuff. Personal information and National Holidays for the UK, Ireland, USA & Canada from 2015-2017.

My New Blog Planner From Toad Diaries 4

Next there’s a 3 year Calendar view from 2015 – 2017. And a current year planner ( 2016 & 2017 )  with large square boxes. I will probably use both of these for the one year for blog post planning and idea’s. And then its onto the actual diary pages.

My New Blog Planner From Toad Diaries 5

The diary starts from 28 Dec 2015 and finishes on Jan 01 2017 and then it gives you around 22 pages of notes to use as you wish. I chose the 1 day per page option because there’s lots of things blog related that I do in a single day, a 2 day per page would not be enough for me. Last of all there’s the back pocket where you can store things, like stickers etc…and a little pocket on the back cover to store business cards or something similar in size.

my new blog planner from toad diaries

So that’s the end of the diary and I’m pretty pleased with it. The total cost including delivery was £21 odd’s including p+p. £18.72 for my diary specifically. But you might choose different options than me and it may come in cheaper depending on what format you choose.

You can find TOAD Diaries on

Twitter & Facebook

or The Website


This is my very first blog planner and I chose a simple design and layout to practice with. Next year I will be looking for something different I think.

What blog planner did you go for this year?

I’d love to see your diary post’s!

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Happy Diaries
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Bepanthen Review | Nappy Rash Ointment

The Postman brings far too many packages to my house, he must think I’m some sort of crazy internet shopping addict and I’m not denying it but I received a mystery package a few weeks ago and for the life of me I didn’t know where it had came from because I hadn’t bought anything (online he-he) and I hadn’t won a competition, It was a rather large package so I was obviously dying to see what was inside.

After tearing open the packaging, out comes this massive white box, a rather fancy box at that. Then peering inside – this is what I found.

 Well wasn’t I pleasantly surprised! In-fact it felt like my birthday 🙂 I absolutely had no idea when I agreed to do a review for Bepanthen that I would receive this in the mail! ( Also please be aware that these gifts will not change my opinion of these products!)

Inside the package contained

  • Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment 30g
  • Bepanthen Baby Moisturiser
  • Bepanthen Family Soft Toy SPIKE
  • Bepanthen Family Soft Toy WILF
  • The Little White Company Seychelles Candle
  • The Little White Company Cloud Pram Blanket Grey/White
  • The Little White Company Cotton Check Pram Blanket Grey
  • The Little White Company Star Sleepsuit and Hat

 Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment – How it works

It works by forming a transparent layer which helps to protect from irritants or rubbing. The water-in-oil formulation helps keep the skin healthy and hydrated to maintain its natural protective barrier. It also contains pro-vitamin B5 which gently helps the natural recovery of baby’s soft skin and it helps by sealing in the skins natural moisture, allowing gentle recovery without drying out the skin.

Bayer Healthcare have also responded to the feedback from parents and re-designed their packaging to make it so much easier to use. The easy-to-use, flip-top cap allows nappy changers to use just one hand to open the tube – a definite improvement when you are holding baby especially if they are very wriggly.

Top 5 Nappy Care Tips From Bepanthen

  1. Change nappies often – Its vital to stop stale wee being in contact with baby’s delicate skin, so try to change disposable nappies frequently. If you’re using reusable nappies you could also try using a disposable liner to help protect your babies skin.
  2. Let Baby’s skin breathe – It’s good to be free! Let your baby kick their legs and go nappy free as much as possible, just make sure the rooms warm and there’s a towel or nappy mat for any little leaks!
  3. Clean the area thoroughly –  Whenever you change baby’s nappy, make sure the whole area is cleaned and then allowed to dry completely.
  4. Use Protective Ointment – Coat your baby’s bottom with a thin layer of protective ointment like Bepanthen every-time you change a nappy – and especially at bedtime. This moisturizing, breathable ointment reinforces the skins natural barrier and helps stop the irritating chemicals in wee and poo from penetrating.
  5. Wash Carefully – If you’re using reusable nappies, a great tip is to always wash them with non-biological products, because it helps to prevent irritation. Put them on a boil wash too, to beat the bugs.

Bepanthen Baby Moisturiser

Ensure you help to keep baby’s skin well protected by avoiding the use of products containing harsh chemicals or anything that may cause irritation or damage. Dry air or even windy weather can play havoc with your little ones exposed skin, leaving them with chapped lips or cracked skin particularly in the summer and winter months. Choose skincare designed just for babies. Bayer Healthcare has developed Bepanthen Baby Moisturiser which can be used from new born babies and above. It’s very mild yet deeply moisturising, making it suitable for use on babies with extra sensitive skin.

It contains pro-Vitiman B5 and its free from alcohol , colours , frangrances, parabens and other preservatives, lanolin or parrafin.


The Bepanthen baby product range is available from Boots, Asda and Tesco. ( Baby Sun Cream from Boots only)


  • Baby Moisturiser £5.99
  • Sun Cream £9.99
  • Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment is available in 3 sizes

30g – £3.99

50g – £5.99

100g – £7.99

You can see more information on their website right > Here

I also have some Winter Skincare Tips from Nicola Joseph – A Registered Health Visitor and Peadiatric nurse. These tips will come in handy now that we’re officially into winter and will help keep your baby comfortable over the coming months.

  • Babies are much more sensitive to a change in temperature than we are, and it can be tricky dressing them for the cold winter months when you know you will be going from a warm, centrally heated environment to the harsh outside air. To help you manage this, its best to dress your little one in layers that can be added and removed easily as you move from temperature to temperature.
  • Just as babies can be prone to heat rash in hot summer months, they can also get heat rash in winter from wearing too many clothes or swaddled in heavy blankets. Babies are particularly susceptible to this if they are warmly dressed and in one particular place or position for a long period of time – such as a car seat. To avoid this ensure you are dressing them in breathable natural fibres, and try to ensure that they only have cotton next to their skin.
  • Too much bath-time fun can dry you little ones skin out, particularly during the winter months – so try to keep bathing limited to two or three times a week – particularity when they are young. There’s no need to use any products in the bath as these can be particularly drying. If your little ones skin is feeling a little dry, straight after the bath use a ‘free from’ moisturiser such as Bepanthen Baby Moisturiser with a mild gentle formula that’s been developed specifically for new born babies or those with extra sensitive skin.
  • When washing your little ones clothes, use a gentle, fragrance-free fabric wash and conditioner to keep their clothes feeling soft against their skin. This is particularly important during the winter months when they are likely to be covered up for most of the day and night.
  • Don’t forget, although the temperature may be cold, if the sun is shining you should still protect your baby’s face with a good, high protection sun lotion such as Bepanthen Baby Sun Cream.

My Opinion

I’ve never used Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment on my children before as I’ve always used another leading brand, I did however use it to heal a tattoo many years back and it worked a treat with the healing process. Callum doesn’t suffer too much with nappy rash, he’s had one here and there but nothing problematic. He was starting to develop one just before we received the cream however, I seemed to be changing dirty nappy after dirty nappy and his bum was beginning to look quite red and sore. After reading some of Bepanthens tips I started cutting down his bath times to 3-4 a week and applying the cream every nappy change and especially before bed, It glided on very easily although it was slightly greasy,  I could feel the barrier that it created when I put some on my hand, it made my skin look really healthy. I was able to use one hand to flip open the cap, squeeze some out and apply it – all the while – trying….I said trying!! To keep Callum in place. He’s at the wriggly stage and is taking tips from my 7 year old on how to ignore the word NO! We now have a clear bum with no redness 2 weeks later, but I still apply the cream every night like advised. I give a thumbs up to the Bepanthen nappy care ointment and would definitely recommend it to other mums even though I do find it a tad expensive.

The Bepanthan Baby Moisturiser is also another much loved product and I have used this product on both of us. It’s bitter cold outside and I’ve began using it on Callum’s face and hands to help protect against the cold weather as well as applying it after every bath. I began using it to treat the dry skin on my feet too. I had been looking for some sort of foot cream to treat it but wasn’t sure which brand to choose and because its alcohol free it won’t make the dry skin worse, so my feet have become verrrrry smooth, it’s also fragrance free and as much as I love to smell a nice product, I know its not good for the feet! So I’m very impressed with the baby moisturiser and will be picking up another tube as soon as it runs out after testing this out! If you see my photo below you can see the dry skin on my feet, it did look much worse than that and I have high hopes it continues to heel the cracked skin and I’ll have lovely soft tootsies in no time. Bepanthen nappy rash ointment review

The Little White Company Goodies

I’ve been seeing The White Company all over my social media channels for ages now and swoon over their products, white is my favorite colour! I was really happy to receive some goodies for Callum and this beautiful Seychelles Candle from The Little White Company. The Candle alone cost’s £20, something I would never pay for a candle but I can see why it costs that much. It comes in beautiful packaging and the smell!! The smell is lovely. LOVELY I tell you. I don’t want to burn it but the thing is I don’t even have to burn it, I can put it on my desk right next to my computer and the the smell just hits you right away. If you’re a candle lover, you must put this on your list!

A big Thank-you to Bepanthen for letting me test out and find new products and also for our lovely items from The Little White Company

Thank-you also for reading and I hope you’ve learned some new tips and some valuable information for keeping your babies skin protected.

Whats your favorite nappy rash cream?


**I was sent these product’s for a review. My opinions are my own and I am under no obligations to give a positive review.

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The Reason Why I Blog And Why You Should Too

Do you ever feel like you’re just existing in life?

Everyday is the same routine, maybe you’re depressed and need something else to focus on to take your mind off the bad things in life.

Well……maybe you need a kick up the backside and some motivation to get you out of that slump and that’s why I suggest to you

Starting a Blog!

The reason why I blog and why you should too blogging blog starting a blog kindness positivity happy quotes depression anxiety

The Reason why I blog and Why you should too

This is a rather long post and I urge you to grab a cuppa before starting.

It is however, worth reading if you suffer from depression and anxiety. It has helped me a lot with mental health issues and I hope that someone reads this who is not a blogger and hasn’t discovered blogging yet.

This Is the Story of my life and why I started blogging

How I discovered blogging

In the middle of July 2015 I was doing my own thing on twitter, you know….watching tv – tweeting about it, reading the news almost every hour, wondering  when they were going to find THAT PLANE – pouring my life down the drain YUP. One night I happened to post a competition tweet (something I done around once a week… if even, not like these days)

Well the company had posted the winner on their page and I went to investigate. I noticed the winner was just a page that posted competitions and that was it. I done more snooping and that’s when I saw lots of people were posting competition tweets so I thought why not give it a go?. So I made a new account and Tah Dah ….Welcome @cocobeans31. I never in a million years thought I would win anything as I don’t have that kind of luck but in fact I began to win things almost daily – I was in total shock.

It was in amongst all this when I began to notice people who blogged. I had never met or heard of anyone with a blog before, I did have a tumblr a few years back but it was nothing like this kind of blog. It was watching other bloggers posting about their family and lots of other creative things that made me feel very inspired.

This sounded like something I would absolutely LOVE to do.

My Life

I have sort of wasted my life away. When I was in my teens I used to read…a lot! I had visions of becoming a writer and would write stories all the time, I even got books that helped me become a better writer, not that they done much good – Hey! But it was something I really enjoyed. I would keep journals and all that kind of stuff but then I finally got out of school -thankfully, and I just wanted to go and earn some money. We never had much money when I was younger so it was essential that I got a job.  I also never found my calling – career wise, still haven’t until this day, although finding out more about blogging has changed that. ( Which I will get to soon.)

I was very shy and insecure about doing the things I really wanted to do back then and things happen in life that prevent you from getting to where you’re supposed to be sometimes, so I’ve always just went from job to job, mostly cleaning, working in factories, Hotels – physical work! Again wasting my life away doing something that I hated. I did try many times to apply for other jobs but they just won’t entertain you if you haven’t been in that role before, its extremely hard when they won’t even give you a chance to see how good you actually might be.

So life went on and I had my first son in 2008 and life changed forever! As it does when you have kids. The thought of ever going back to college to find something I wanted to do was certainly out of the question. I never worked for 3 years after Sean was born and I got very depressed after splitting up my with ex partner. I’ve always suffered with depression and anxiety which stems from my childhood of growing up with a suicidal mother who drank a lot, domestic violence in her relationship with my step dad, being in a relationship with domestic violence with my very 1st boyfriend ( not with the boy’s dad ) and bullying at school. Its all shaped me into the person I am today, be that good or bad – Strong or Weak.) I also take responsibility for my own failings too though. I just have really bad confidence issues.

Last year I made the mistake of falling pregnant again to my ex partner – the father of my first son, who I have no plans to get back with and now I have 2 sons that aren’t growing up in a family unit like I always hoped for. The boys have a great dad who lives close by and he would do anything for them which I’m very grateful for but I still feel like the family unit isn’t right, although my oldest son loves having 2 houses to go between, my youngest is affected by it all. Sleeping in different beds, having different routines in different houses, its all been a bit too much for me to handle trying to cope with a baby who won’t settle and is growing a face full of teeth in a short period of time.

So feeling like I’ve totally failed in life and being totally depressed with my whole situation, how would I ever find that thing that everyone but me seems to have

 Passion and Ambition.

I’ve been looking for it all my life and nothing’s ever took my fancy and after you have kids, you as a person are limited to what you can do, what hours you can work, childcare….EVERYTHING. Your needs and hobby’s go right out the window and dare I say it but you’re pretty much trapped! Now I’m not saying my life is wasted because I’ve had kids because my kids will always come before any job, hobby, man or friend but sometimes you get tired of doing things for other people and want to do something for you!

The reason why I blog and why you should too blogging blog starting a blog kindness positivity happy quotes depression anxiety

But lets stop writing about that depressive stuff

I bloody hope you’re still here!

Let me tell you what blogging has done for me and how much happiness its brought into my life in just 4 months.

Not only did I have all of the above on my mind, I have stuff I won’t reveal on my blog too, and it’s all been swept aside. You know why?


Everyday since I started this blog I actually haven’t had any time to think of all the other stuff that makes me sad. Its given me a place to come to where I can share things about my children and not be judged by those who think its acceptable to post pictures of their beloved cats or dogs on a daily basis but moan when you post a very rare baby/kid picture. To share things that I created and be inspired by other people who can help in my pursuit of happiness, I’ve found new hobbies and a load of awesome people who are so welcoming and friendly they’re bringing me out of my social awkwardness a little more each day.

I eat sleep and dream about blogging. When I’m not working on a blog post, I’m on pinterest reading about blogging or reading people’s blog posts who I can relate to and that brings tears to my eyes in some cases. Now I haven’t wrote anything deep and meaningful before and I think this might be my longest ever post but right now I’m just having fun, playing about with my new hobby and working on educating myself everyday on how to become a better blogger and parent! I also have a list of social networks the size of my arm, trying keep up with them all is very hard.

  To come back to what I was saying about career wise at the top of this post – Blogging can also become a career, I know it sounds crazy but people are doing it! And I figured turning a hobby into something that makes money = something that you do that makes you happy, no more cleaning toilets or making other peoples beds, kapish?

The reason why I blog and why you should too blogging blog starting a blog kindness positivity happy quotes depression anxiety

 I have real passion for this and I think I can do it if I put in lots of hard work which I’m willing to do for something worthwhile out of life and if it does go down the pan then at least I’m still doing something that makes me happy. So there you go that’s why I started blogging.


You can’t just start a blog, oh no!

I done things all the wrong way.

I advise you to research blogging for at least 4 months prior to actually opening your account. Read all there is to know about blogging and how to do it and all the rules. Pinterest has information coming out of its ears with very useful blog posts and tips on how to go about it all but its something that’s worth doing, I promise you.

I set up my blog and from that moment on, I have been obsessed with blogging, its all I bloomin think about. My 7 year old will catch me staring into the distance and he’ll be like “you’re thinking about blogging again, aren’t you” and he’s RIGHT!

There is soooo much information and things that come along with blogging I’m not even a quarter way into it yet and there’s still lots to learn. It brings positivity into my life and I think it will do the same for you if you give it a go.

Now there’s 3 reasons I wrote this post

  1. being that the title was in my draft folder, waiting to be wrote eventually – to be slotted into my new about page that I’m going to re-create in the coming month or so.
  2. It’s something that’s made me happy recently
  3. There’s a small favour that I want to ask of you.

I have recently came across an awesome blogger who writes some great pieces of work and I think she deserves some traffic and a big ego boost! She also suffers from depression and anxiety. She doesn’t have a ‘niche’ and I think it might be breaking her confidence. She has spent a lot of time setting up a new linky  ( where this post will be added ) and I think it deserves some exposure and more people to add their links to it. It is called #happydiaries and you can find the link below

#happydiaries Linky

This linky is an alternative to a diary. People can either write happy diary posts, or link up existing posts about positive things that have happened to them recently. You can read more about it on the link above.

I think this is a great idea, a linky where you can write your own post specifically on something that makes you happy with no negativity, something that will make you happy when you go back and read it again. I tend to post negative stuff occasionally because I get stressed out by the kids. Well this is a place I can come to every week to write something that I was happy about that week and its also another post for people to read on a consistent basis so it does everyone a favour really! I know there is some negativity in this post at the beginning. I was just explaining how I feel about my life but the amount of happiness I feel because of blogging has totally overtook any negativity that this post may have. So that’s the way I see it.

This blogger is Called Tracey and she is over at The Anxious Dragon if you aren’t following her, please do as she is an excellent writer and you will enjoy reading her posts. You can also follow Tracey here on Twitter

Thanks for taking time out to read my post, it took me a number of days to complete and perfect, I haven’t wrote for a long time. Please share this post in hope that it gets seen by anyone who might be living with depression and also spread the kindness and make someone smile 🙂 You never know what might be going on in their lives.

Has blogging done the same for you?

How did you start blogging?

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Happy Diaries
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ALDI Baby Products Review

ALDI has gotten pretty popular in the last few years and I have to admit that it’s a shop I rarely frequent, twice I think I’ve shopped there and the only thing that puts me off is the fact that you have to bag your own stuff after leaving the checkout. They opened a store not far from me and I’ve still to go and check it out – mainly because I shop online with Iceland and get it delivered, its just more convenient for me as shopping with the kids can be a nightmare.

One thing I was keen on trying was their nappies! I got one in my new baby pack when Callum was born but never got the chance to use it as he grew pretty fast. I tried every other nappy brand and so far Tesco nappies are my favorite and Superdrugs the worst. So I was pretty glad I finally got the chance to review ALDI’s and a few of their other products.

Do you think its swayed my choice of where to shop?

Lets find out.

ALDI Baby Products Review ALDI washing powder ALDI nappies ALDI babyfood

Here is a list of the things I Reviewed and their Prices

  • Mamia Ultra Dry Maxie Nappies Size 4 ||  48 Pack £4.09
  • Mamia Frangranced Baby Wipes || 64 pack  59p
  • Mamia Sensitive Wipes- Fragrance Free || 64 pack  59p
  • Mamia Baby Bath || 500ml 79p
  • Mamia Baby Shampoo || 500ml 79p
  • Mamia Organic Food Range || Details Below
  • Almat Washing Powder Non-Bio || Details Below
  • Almat Washing Tablets Non-Bio || 36 pack 18 washes £2.39
  • Almat Laundry Gel || 21 washes £1.99
  • Anco So Soft Concentrated Fabric Conditioner || 28 washes 99p

ALDI Baby Products Review yummymummystyleblog.wordpress.com8 ALDI nappies ALDI nappy ALDI babywipes mamia

The nappies I’m VERY impressed with, the great thing I noticed when taking one out of the pack was that they were very thin – like a pampers nappy ( who I don’t rate, they’ve never worked for either of my boy’s,  I bought an emergency pack a few weeks ago and it cost me £5.00 for 28 and they leaked!!!) Callum wore an ALDI nappy for 12 hours overnight on the first day of trying them, it was rather bulky in the morning but still no leaks. I’ve definitely changed my nappy brand now, a 48 pack at only £4.09 is a total bargain and I’m reassuring you these are top quality! I hate those bulky feel nappies before you put them on, these being very soft I think its more comfortable for Callum to move around in. 10/10

The Frangranced Wipes I do recommend too, although as you’ll notice on the picture below the case came straight off on first opening them, this didn’t put me off however, I go through many baby wipes and knew they wouldn’t last long anyway. I threw the case in the bin and I’ve been using them for 5 days and they haven’t dried out at all. They smell really nice too, the smell is pretty strong and after an explosion and no time for a bath these work really good for keeping baby smelling good! They come out of the pack one at a time so its easy to work one handed. They also have a good feel to them not being too thick ( like Huggie’s ) or too thin, just right! I will be buying these! 10/10

The sensitive wipes I probably won’t use again and its only because I don’t really have cause to use them, Callum’s skin isn’t that sensitive and I like the smell of the frangranced wipes best. They do the same job though the only difference is there is no smell.

ALDI Baby Products Review yummymummystyleblog.wordpress.com8We tried out the Mamia Baby Bath and it does smell lovely and leaves his skin feeling soft but unfortunately we haven’t tried out the shampoo due to Callum having cradle cap. So I’m still using Cusson’s Mum and Me Shampoo. The cradle cap is completely gone now but I don’t want to risk using another product and bringing it back. It will get used soon enough though. At 79p I would buy it.

ALDI Baby Products Review ALDI baby shampoo ALDI baby bath

Now Onto The ALDI 100% Oragnic Food Range

1 x strawberry and apple pouch | stage 1 from 4 months 59p

1 x apple and banana pouch | stage 1 from 4 months 59p

1 x apple, carrot & parsnip pouch | stage 1 from 4 months 59p

1 x apple, sweet potato butternut squash and blueberry pouch | stage 1 from 4 months 59p

1 x Junior Mini Rice Cakes | 7 months+ 59p

Callum loved all of the pouches apart from the Purple one – apple, sweet potato butternut squash and blueberry. They all smell and taste pretty horrid on my end but the Nut-Job thought they were mostly good. The Rice cakes went down a treat too. I would buy them apart from the one he doesn’t like.

ALDI Baby Products Review yummymummystyleblog.wordpress.com6 ALDI Baby food mamia weaning babyled weaning ricecakes

ALDI Baby Products Review yummymummystyleblog.wordpress.com7 ALSI baby food weaning baby led weaning

After causing a complete mess it was time to try out all of the ALDI Laundry Products, Its the most washing’s I’ve ever done in a row I will tell you that!

ALDI Baby Products Review ALDI washing powder Almat

ALDI Baby Products Review ALDI almat gel anco fabric softner mamia babyfood nappies

I tested out the Almat Non-Bio Washing Powder and the Anco Fabric Conditioner together, I noticed the washing powder was pretty lumpy but it didn’t leave any residue on the clothes so that’s a good sign. I didn’t think these products came out smelling too wonderful, not bad – it does the job but I prefer a really strong clean smell coming from the clothes afterwards so I will rate both of these products a 7/10. It’s £2.39 for 25 washes of the washing powder I received a larger box ( 40 washes but I can’t find the price) The fabric conditioner is 99p.

The Almat Gel is a winner for me – it does 21 washes and is only £1.99 and it leaves the clothes smelling really really nice. The same goes for the Almat tablets £2.29 for a 36 pack that does 18 washes. Both of these products I would buy again before the 2 products above. They smell really strong, they aren’t too bulky for your shopping bags and the price is great, whats not to love!

ALDI Baby Products Review

Results From The ALDI Almat Washing Gel

ALDI Baby Products Review

Both ALDI Almat Gel and Almat Tablets are My Favorite Laundry Products


So that’s My Review. It HAS swayed my choice of supermarkets for good quality products at low prices.

As Stupid as this sounds, I didn’t even know that ALDI had a website, I mean who doesn’t have a website these days, they let me have one didn’t they??

You can visit ALDI HERE

They’ve just brought out their Christmas range and I feel I might go a bit crazy in there after looking at the site. I will be doing a Christmas food shop there this year and I’m looking forward to seeing what other baby products they offer for Callum.

Do you shop at ALDI?

What’s your best and worst brand nappies?


**I was sent these product’s for a review. My opinions are my own and I am under no obligations to give a positive review.

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