Gummee Glove Review


I purchased this amazing find a few weeks ago after I came across the Gummee Glove company on twitter. I have been through the wars with Callum for a few months now and tried everything from teething rings, powders, gels the LOT, and nothing seems to work, so I thought this would magically be the answer to all my sons grumbling.

The glove attatches to your babies hand with a velcro closure at the wrist and it has colourful biteable side tabs. It has a detachable heart-shaped silicone teething ring that can be heat-sterilised or refrigerated and it can also be machine washed as it comes with a handy little drawstring bag which can be used for travelling too


It’s 100% cotton and suitable for ages 3-6 months due to the adjustable velcro closure around the wrist. This is where I went wrong. Callum just turned 5 months when I purchased this so it just fitted him and no more as he is quite a big boy. As I felt it was a little tight and maybe uncomfortable for him, I just let him hold it with his hands instead and we got on much better. He loves the sensory part too and plays with that quite a lot he loves the noise it makes.


  • Perfect for babies who can’t hold teething rings themselves
  • Can be machine washed, sterlised and refrigerated
  • It’s colourful and has a sensory patch on top


  • The only thing I found fault with in this product is that it doesn’t come in a bigger size.


After thinking this would solve all my problems it turns out that nothing will completely take away my sons sore gums but it can help along the way. I would recommend this to any mother who has a teething baby I also think it would make an amazing gift to a mother-to-be. It’s reasonably priced at £12.99 + £2.95 delivery so £15.94 in total, not bad at all for this little gem!

The Link to purchase this product —> nonnasbaby


Have you bought the Gummee Glove? What did you think of it, did it help your baby? I’d love to know, leave me a comment. signature

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