I was fortunate enough to be given a pack of 2 dribblestoptops to review by the lovely girls over at 2 mums ltd and I was pretty excited to try them out with my near 6 month old, Callum. He’s been teething for a few months and the drool is unbelievable. I’ve got a mini Beethoven!

Below is our normal vest he’s had on for an hour, notice the wet patch and the loose neck.

dribble-stop-tops-baby-products-dribblestoptops.comI do around 1‐2 baby washings a week as I like to wash baby clothes separate from mine and my older sons but I always seem to be running out of vests because of changes, and I have more than ten vests, the same goes for bibs. I prefer the cotton bibs over the hard,scratchy waterproof type, so he always ends up soaking, be it drool or milk that’s sneakily made its way out the side of his mouth and down his neck, so that’s why I wanted to try these. Less washings will give you that bit extra time to shave your other leg perhaps. And obviously it’s going to stop a rash from appearing on your baby’s skin, that’s the main thing!

First of all the packaging it came in was rather cute, a very nice touch if you were buying as a gift for someone.

dribble-stop-tops-baby-products-dribblestoptops.com (3)dribble-stop-tops-baby-products-dribblestoptops.com (3)I decided to try this out on a day when we were housebound, so that I could leave him in the vest itself to really test it out! When I first took it out of the packet I was expecting to feel the hard scratchy type material on the chest area and was really impressed with how soft it actually is, not just the chest area, the whole vest is made with good quality material. You just know if you wash this, it’s going to stay in shape! Second, I noticed it had button fastenings on each end at the neck area. This perked me up because -­if you hadn’t already noticed, your normal vest seems to slouch down at the neck after a while like they’ve been wearing it for days. So it made him look less scruffy.

dribble-stop-tops-baby-products-dribblestoptops.com (4)This is the magic pocket that keeps your baby dry all day long!

dribble-stop-tops-baby-products-dribblestoptops.com (5)He wore it  for the full day and I used my cotton bibs as usual at feeding times only, I wouldn’t have bothered as he is protected but I always like to wipe his mouth afterwards, so just my preference however if you’re like me running about like a headless chicken in the morning getting ready for the school run and whatever else you have planned I always pack everything but a bib, everytime! Well this is going to save you money from going into the nearest shop and paying a fortune for 1 bib, I’d just keep a pack of hankies in your bag, unless your baby is sick all the time. I find bibs mark my sons neck and it could get infected so no need to put on a bib and you can show off their cute little outfit.
Anyway, I was so impressed with how clean and dry he was that he missed bath routine that night and went to sleep in the same vest as it looked like I had just put it on him and was dry all the way through. It’s another wonder product I love finding all these new things for babies, I’m looking forward to using them more when Callum can sit up by himself and the dribbling gets worse.

dribble-stop-tops-baby-products-dribblestoptops.com (6)If you have a teething mini Beethoven that tries to eat you at every opportunity this vest is definitely for you. We all want our babies to be clean dry and healthy and who better to invent it than 2 normal mums themselves who’ve been through the teething stage and just want to help out other mums & babies.
They come available in packs of 2 with 3 different selections of vests to choose from. The sizes range from 0-­3m all the way to 18-­24 months, with a 2 pack costing £13.99. Now this is quite pricey for me as I’m a single parent so it looks like I’ll be doing a washing every 2 days and sticking with the 2 I’ve got but I do highly recommend them and don’t find a single fault apart from the price. I really think it’s a Genius idea girls, it’s a 10/10 from me.

If you would like to buy these vests for your baby you can find the 2 mums ltd






I suggest you watch this video of it in action below


**I was sent this product for a review. My opinions are my own and I am under no obligations to give a positive review

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