CJ’s 6 month update

The time has flown in since you were born in march. So much has changed about you this month alone. You’re no longer a lump of boring cuteness, Here’s a list of everything that’s changed about you

callums 6 month update yummymummystyleblog.wordpress.com

  • You’re a roller…. You don’t stay at peace for a minute, rolling straight onto your tummy grunting all the way.
  • You’re on size 3 nappies, 6-9m clothes ♥…. Your just big-boned my baby boy x
  • You’ve found your voice ♥.…I adore your little ramblings and gurgles – or screeches whatever!
  • You love food ♥….I already knew with your chunky little butt that your appetite was going to be similar to your brothers. The past few weeks we’ve been practicing spoon-feeding and you’re loving porridge, a cauliflour & brocolli dish and yoghurts, Yesterday we branched out to toast & a banana, which you also loved, it’ll be a mix of baby led weaning and spoon feeding for us.
  • You can hold your own bottle ♥…. Just
  • You can recognize songs ♥….Whenever you cry – I always sing Twinkle Twinkle, it never fails to make you stop, its your favorite song with the Bobbi bear theme tune in close second… My big smiler x
  • Your first tooth came through…Thankgod we have results after all the crying from you and me both.
  • You sleep great ♥….For the most part. Some nights can be difficult.
  • You have separation anxiety….I could sit there and play with you all day but as soon as I leave for a bathroom break all hell breaks loose and you start the ‘someones trying to murder me’ scream – My nerves are in pieces son.
  • You can laugh out loud ♥…. This is my favorite thing of all, its the sweetest thing to hear you chuckling.
  • Your not fond of bathtime or changing…. It doesnt bother you too much, no crying involved but lots of squirming.
  • Your neck strength has improved ♥…. Anyday now you’l be sitting upright. We have a new highchair and baby walker, its so much better now you want to be up seeing whats going on around you.

callums 6 month update, milestones yummymummystyleblog.wordpress.com

Love you baby boy…….Mummy xxxx

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