Help ! I have a devil child

It’s been almost 27 weeks since he was born. My pregnancy was great I was able to work right up until near my due date and I was that small that no-one even knew I was pregnant. The labour came and went brilliantly and I handled it like a pro compared to my first birth which was the most awful 28 hours of my life. I was so nervous to do it again. I never suffered from PND like first time. It was a total walk in the park for the first 5 weeks, which I’ll always be thankful for. After that I don’t know what happened one minute I was telling people about how I had the perfect child to a baby that just never stops crying. Me and my ex partner haven’t been together for a good number of years. He will take the kids Monday and Fridays, those days are quite frankly my best days right now every other day I’m full of anxiety and that’s even with medication for my nerves that I’ve just recently got. My oldest is staying away this weekend on a caravan holiday and just before he went he told me he couldn’t wait to get away from Callum’s crying for a few days. At least he’s getting 2 days in a ROW!. Everyone seems to be posting about their lovely baby and I never hear anyone talking about THE TRUTH. I love my baby dearly but by god whatever you do…… Don’t wake him up!!!!

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6 Responses to Help ! I have a devil child

  1. ninaaikas says:

    Oh dear, doesn’t sound like fun! Why do you think he’s crying? My little one suffered from reflux, so the first 3 months there was a fair bit of crying too! It’s funny though how you forget about it so easily – seems like so long ago now!x

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    • He’s been teething from very early on but that is not the only problem. His dad has been changing his routine up everytime he has him, he’s changed him Into a totally different baby and I’m left to deal with it. Every week it gets worse and worse. His dad will put him in the pram to sleep at night, put him to bed at crazy times, gets him up during the night to ‘play’ and holds him at every opportunity so much so that when he comes in to my house he runs straight for him and cries and cries too he picks him up, he can’t stand up without Callum running and crying to him. He’s not like that with me because I haven’t allowed it, A new problem has arose and he now turns himself over about 10 times a night in his cot so I just don’t sleep, I’m scared to go to sleep. I’ve just bought a sleep positioner and it came today so I hope to be giving it good reviews but I doubt it’s going to work x

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      • ninaaikas says:

        Hmm seems like dads in general have a hard time understanding the importance of routines…Have you tried explaining how things work to his dad? Or is he just too lazy to put your advice to practise? 😛 When you say that Callum turns himself over at night do you mean he sleeps on his tummy? Lana’s been sleeping on her tummy since she was 3 months and started rolling over. She won’t sleep on her back at all! x

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      • I’ve said to him many times, and he comes back the next day telling me he’s done exactly what I told him not to do, it’s very frustrating because he’s the only person that I have to watch the kids while I have a break. We’ve had many arguments about it but I always give in because I obviously need him to take them . Callum sleeps on his back but ever since he learned how to turn onto his belly he always rolls onto it but he hates it and has never slept like that, just cries til you go and turn him back x

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      • ninaaikas says:

        Sounds like a very frustrating situation!hope it’ll get better somehow.Oh I thought most babies likes sleeping on their tummy!well he’ll probably figure out how to roll back on his back at some point – fingers crossed!x

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      • Thanks! The sleep positioner worked out really well last night, I was only up for an hour during the night so hopefully I’ve found a solution for the time being until he learns how to roll back lol x

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