My Birthday wishlist

My Birthday wishlist
Well I’ve finally gone and done it, figured out how to do the fancy whiteboards I keep seeing around, its only took me 2 months! I’m so chuffed with myself, I’ve been learning lots of new things lately.
Today I thought I would share with you whats on my birthday wish list. I will only receive one or two of these gifts which I’ve already ordered for myself but HEY a girl can dream right? I had to make the picture above quite small so that it fits on a mobile device so if you’d like to see a bigger version just click on My Birthday wishlist under the photo to see things clearly. Lets get started!

1. Goal Digger Planner 2016 From Etsy. With a price tag of £31.65, that’s including p+p costs from America, its more than I’d usually pay for a planner, way more! but how beautiful is it? I probably won’t purchase this as it will be my first official blog planner, I should probably start with something a little cheaper, I don’t want to spend lots of money because I always buy new planners, never sticking with the same one, but I’m looking for something to keep me more organized as after having my second baby, my brain literally doesn’t take anything in anymore, it may be something to do with lack of sleep. Please let me know of any good blog planners in the comments below or leave a link if you’ve done a blog planner post so I can check it out.
2. Personalized Hand Stamped Cuff Bangle From Cherry Diva Store. I adore this little shop and this is the item that I’ve already purchased. £12.00 for this little treat with both my sons names on it, quite cheap for a personalized item, and reasonable enough to spend on myself. I’ll be doing a blog post soon with a few more items from cherry diva so keep a look out for that.
3. DairyBox ChocolatesFrom Amazon. Although you can get these pretty much anywhere, the 360g Box, always the 360g! No-one wants just 1 layer of chocolates, that’s just outrageous.
4. Laila Lace High Neck Woven Top In WhiteFrom Boohoo. £16.00. I love the lace detail on this top and it can be teamed with pretty much anything for either a day or night-time look. I’m a going out for dinner kinda girl so no cocktails for me but I’d happily wear it on a night out with skinny jeans.
5. Molly Heart Fairisle Fleece OnsieFrom Boohoo. £20.00. Don’t ask me how this got on the list, I know Onsie’s are like…sooo 3 years ago, but as its nearly Christmas it’s like a freezer in my house in the morning at that time of year, I figured why not chuck it on the list, and then onto the onsie PILE, wore once and swore never again after waking up in the middle of the night sweating – then freezing, unzipping myself to go for a pee. Yes I’ll have another one of those please.
6. Marc Jacobs DAISY perfumeFrom Debenhams £52.00. Ok so I’ve never had this perfume before, more than likely because of the hefty price tag but it smells gorgeous, it’s been on my list for years. Someone…..Please buy me it!
7. A Bakerdays Birthday Cake -From Bakerdays cakes online £14.99. I got my son a cake from here a few months ago, a cake that comes through your letterbox, Wow! They do any design’s you wish and have a large variety to choose from, if you haven’t heard of bakerday’s cakes before, its something you should check out. I picked the supermum cake, so it’s kind of like a present from my sons. Because I am in-fact, a supermum – physically – mummy works from sons up til sons down. I deserve it.
8. Do What You Love Turquoise & White Stripey MugFrom Clinton’s Cards £6.50. I’ve saved the best for last. Nothing makes me happier than a new coffee mug on my birthday. I’m really quite easy to please. I love the colours of this mug and the gold writing. It’s the theme I want to decorate my blogging desk in, so it will fit right in.
So there it is, My first wishlist. Now I need to find a Sugar daddy. Just kidding I’ll be happy with My bracelet, chocolates and Mug which I’ll buy myself. Hope you enjoyed reading and Show me your wishlists girls 🙂 signature
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