Project 52 – My Family Photo Week 5

project 52 my family photo

Well this week has certainly been eventful, I won’t go into too much detail but lets just say I was having some personal problems last weekend/beginning of this week, then on Wednesday I collected Sean from school and we went up to the Shopping Centre to go for a bad – But tasty McDonald’s dinner, then a badly needed haircut for him. All went well until nearing the exit I decided to jump into Iceland to get a dinner for the next night, just 1 dinner as I had the pram and can’t really do a full shop with both the kids. Before I even got to the till Callum began his crying ways, he was clearly hungry and wanted his bottle which was in the changing bag. I got through with paying for my stuff then set my purse down to bag it , all the while Sean chatting in my ear, the lady talking to me and Callum the “nutjob” as we call him, going crazy in the pram so I’ve left the purse, put the bags on the pram and rushed out the shop to a seat directly outside, got the bottle out – prepared it and that was that…..SILENCE….yessss πŸ™‚ I immediately looked for our bus tickets in my jacket pocket and couldn’t find them, I knew they were in there. I figured they must have been in my purse and that’s when I started looking for the purse. This all happened pretty quickly and on the search for it I looked up and saw a lady exiting the shop and we both looked at each other, I don’t know if I’m just being paranoid but I swear it was a lingering look. I told Sean to stay with the pram and ran back inside and asked the till lady if she’d found it as I definitely never had it on me I’d just left the shop 2 seconds ago I’d taken money from it to pay for the food so I definitely left it there. She said she hadn’t seen it and they checked CCTV but there was a large pole behind me blocking everything, I was so angry. All the kids money was in it, I’d barely bought any food or paid a bill, I couldn’t even go to the police. It was obviously the person after me that took it, they saw me struggling with the 2 kids and all they thought about was taking my purse, I just thought it was a really sick act. I felt like I’d been punched in the stomache. I was already on the edge of a cliff and they just pushed me right off I was inconsolable, god knows what my 7-year-old was thinking while I was freaking out, tears streaming down my face.

I eventually found my bus tickets, that were in-fact in the pocket where I’d first searched for them, so we were still able to get home. I left the shop, nothing I could do and as soon as I got home I prepped the kids for bed straight away. I needed to breakdown fully without anyone around. I cried pretty much the rest of the night and only got 2 hours sleep because my brain was busy and Callum always wakes up lots during the night so I was scared to sleep.Β  I never sent Sean to school the next day and I just spent the entire day with my 2 boys not being able to face social media or public interaction. As sad as I was, they made me feel so much better. Callum actually slept a good bit during the day and Sean well he has just turned into the greatest little guy, I’m so proud the way he has turned out – a kind and thoughtful boy. I took these photos on Thursday and I absolutely Love them. These are….My family photo’s Week 5 and quite a fitting quote may I add!

Project 52 -MyFamilyPhoto Week 5

Project 52 - My family photo Week 5 Brothers https://yummymummystyleblog.wordpress.comProject 52 - My family photo Week 5 Brothers https://yummymummystyleblog.wordpress.comProject 52 - My family photo Week 5 Brothers

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