Cj’s 7 Month Update

I’m a few days late with Callum’s 7 Month Update, totally mixed up with the date at the moment. I only started blogging about Callum’s monthly updates last month so you can find his 6 month update here. A few things have changed during this month. I never really get him weighed or measured but he’s always been a good eater and he’s a big boy so don’t really feel the need. So I won’t be updating that but he is coming along really well and seems a bit happier. A BIT.

callums 7 month update babymilestones yummymummystyleblog.wordpress.com

This Month:

  • We have 3 teeth – 2 at the bottom & 1 coming through at the top
  • Loves his walker, and manoeuvre’s better in it
  • Bath routine has changed, it’s more fun!
  • Grabbing your face, hair, lips, eyelids
  • Started Jumping
  • Banging toys
  • Found his feet when lying on his back and grabs hold of them
  • Likes Solid Foods
  • Can hold a sippy cup with both hands
  • Sleeping routine has totally changed and not for the good!
  • Can Sit up with Support

Okay….so we do have another tooth coming through, which means there will be another one pretty soon. I’m quite glad it’s happening now and this teething business will be over for all of us sooner rather than later. I’ve heard of lots of babies’ at 1 not having any yet, so I guess that’s a plus but it’s not been a pleasant journey for us. There’s lot’s of solutions to help along the way though and I’m going to do a blog post about this. Last Month I got him a baby walker and he didn’t really like sitting in it for long periods of time, he also couldn’t move it. Now he can’t stand being in his chair and goes crazy if you try to strap him into it, unless he’s just woke up and due a bottle, he’ll lay and drink it with his blanket while watching TV, only until its done. He wants to be on his feet sitting upright. So it’s into the walker and he scoots back and forward, mostly back but he’s getting the hang of moving forward too. Jumping is a new favorite. I should really get him a Jumperoo but its massive, I have too many baby things I already don’t have room for. Our Bath routine has changed. I usually just bath Callum quickly leaning over the bath supporting his head with my arm. I do have a baby seat for inside the bath but I use it for sitting the bath towel on when we come out the bath, it’s so much easier to sit him in that while wrapping him in the towel and carrying him through to my bedroom to get dried. But the other day I decided to give both my sons a bath together for the first time with the seat inside the bath and we had lots of fun, I managed to sit him upright and he splashed away, not even bothering that water was getting in his eyes. I’ll need to purchase a baby bath seat so he can sit upright without my support and also… Bath toys! He will Literally scratch your face off and slap you it’s actually very sore, I always need to watch my hair too, he does pull out clumps, tickling him under the arms helps with this. He’ll bang toys and make lots of noise and he can grab his feet when he’s laying down now, can’t quite get them in his mouth though, I blame his love for food. Yup Callum Loves Solids. Bread, Cheese-strings, yoghurt’s aplenty, He likes chips too. He can hold a sippy cup with both hands and knows how to drink out of it, if I hold it up for him, he’s not quite learned that yet. He can sit upright with his hands in front to support him but leans too far forward and always tumbles over. Nearly there. Now for the sleeping routine! it’s become worse than ever, most nights I need more than 2 hands to count how many times I’m woken up, in and out of bed- its madness! I must find other ways to deal with this.

callum's 7 month update babymilestones yummymummystyleblog.wordpress.comOur Routine:

  • 5.30/6am – Usually the time we are both up & out of bed. Me with coffee, Callum with 5oz Milk. Then its nappy changed, teeth brushed, washed, clothed and a little playtime as he begins to get tired around 7.30am
  • 7.45am – 9.45am – Usually Nap time, which lets me get the school run done.
  • 9.45am – Cuddles then onto solid food breakfast/lunch, which is usually porridge but I’ve started giving him a very small bowl of weetabix. Play for a while then do lunch – -sandwiches/toast, fruit and yoghurts and have playtime afterwards.
  • 11.45am-Noon  Around an hour or 2 Nap Time with a 5oz bottle.
  • 3.30pm – Just back from the school run and its bottle time again. 5oz  We Have dinner around 5pm and sit together at the kitchen table.
  • 6pm – Bath-time, he’s always very tired at this time and goes to bed straight after his bath with blankie to rub against his face, its essential! and a 5oz bottle. He goes to sleep no problem but he must be wearing his sleep-bag, it does wonders as he can’t turn around in it, which is something he loves to do but hates being on his tummy!
  • 6.30pm – Bedtime

Callum has been waking around midnight for a bottle then goes back to sleep til around 3am. After that its pretty constant until 5.30/6am and we’re back into our routine again.


  • When you sing to him, he loves the songs – The Wheels On The Bus, Oh MacDonald had a farm, Twinkle Twinkle, Jingles bells….What? my kiddie songs need updating! He also loves all the tiny pop cartoon theme tunes, Not the cartoons, just the song. La-la-lalala-la-luna lunaaa lunaaaaaaaaaaa. I sing it all the damn time. He’ll stop what he’s doing for the Go compareeeeee Guy but won’t answer me when I shout on him.
  • Splashing, flapping his arms and banging
  • Loves when I clap my hands, He will grab both my hands and when they close he will open my hands back up so I will clap again. He can’t do it himself yet.
  • Blowing raspberries
  • Being threw up in the air, Massive smiles every-time.
  • Being tickled


  • Being Alone, we’re ruled with separation anxiety, can’t leave him for a second.
  • Still hates getting dressed/undressed but it tires him out a bit, Bonus!
  • Being strapped into his chair/pram/highchair
  • Laying on his tummy

callums 7 month update baby milestones yummymummystyleblog.wordpress.com

My Goals For Next Month:

I plan to help Callum a bit more in the sleep department and with separation anxiety. I also plan to start reading and introducing him to more books.

Well that’s it for Now, see you again….Next Month

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