Project 52 – My Family Photo Week 9

Week 9

project 52 my family photo

This week has been really busy, with Halloween party’s almost everyday. Below is a few pictures from Friday night at the soft-play just down the road. Sean being a skeleton pirate and Callum Woody from Toy Story. These are the best photos in my camera roll, I really wanted to do sibling costumes but my oldest wasn’t having it. Next year he won’t have that choice because it’ll probably be the last year he dresses up and I need to get that perfect picture (to show off on pintrest) haha! The little girl is my friends daughter who Sean went to Nursery with, they go to different schools now ( which are right next to each other) but they have been friends ever since, I like to think of her as Sean’s future girlfriend πŸ™‚

On Halloween night we never ventured out like we usually do. Last year Sean didn’t get very much and he was quite sad so I decided to have a movie night instead. I made us up a big picnic and we watched the Addams family on TV.

So that’s just a quick update of our week. Til next time

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