OXO Tot and Yeo Valley Yummy Snack Time Review

We all know one thing our babies love is yogurts and exactly how messy they can be when they learn to feed themselves.

So today I’m participating in a yummy snack time review of some products from

OXO Tot and Yeo Valley.

OXOTot and Yeo Valley yummy snack time review yummymummystyleblog.wordpress.com

We were sent out the OXO Tot Roll Up Bib and On-The-Go feeding spoon plus 42 little pots of LIttle Yeo’s in various flavours

OXO Tots Yummy Snack Time Review yummymummystyleblog.wordpress.com

OXO Tot Roll Up Bib & On-The-Go Feeding Spoon

First of all let me tell you a little about this company, which I’ve never heard of – but think is absolutely brilliant! OXO is an American company that specializes in making products that make everyday living easier for everyone, including young and old, male and female, left and right-handed and many with special needs. They’ve made 1,000+ products – all with a tangible improvement on aspects of everyday living. Today we are reviewing their Baby Range.

Roll Up Bib

  • Soft fabric is comfortable around baby’s neck
  • Wide, food-safe silicone pocket catches crumbs
  • Fabric rolls up into pocket for portability
  • Easy to wipe clean and machine washable
  • Bib provides ample coverage

On-The-Go Feeding Spoon

  • Silicone spoon feels soft on baby’s mouth, gums and face
  • Spoon is shaped for easy scooping
  • Contoured spoon handle is angled for easy feeding
  • Comes in compact case for portability

What Did We Think?

I’m very happy with both of these products, once baby starts weaning a normal bib just doesn’t cut it, unless you’re willing to use every bib in your household in the one day! One little biscotti and Callum is a MESS. I love the little pocket which helps at least eliminate some of the clean up and helps keep most of him clean, Hey Presto! Less washing’s. The spoon I rate highly too, I helped Callum to begin with and the way it just glides off his face and the fact that it takes off most of the excess food on his cheeks, chin etc definitely so much better than your usual cheap plastic spoon, He loves to bite on the spoon too which is helping with his teething, we have 3 coming through at the moment, what is sleep? They fit very easily into my baby change bag with the spoon coming in a plastic case and the bib rolls up and clips shut ,as you’ll see below.

You can view the Bib > Here < And the On-The-Go Feeding spoon > Here <

OXO Tot yummy snack time Review roll up bib on the go feeding spoon yeo valley little yeos yummymummystyleblog.wordpress.com

Little Yeo’s

Yeo Valley Are a family owned business and farm and are the UK’s no.1 organic dairy brand, they make a variety of dairy products and we got to try their Little Yeo’s range. Well Callum did but I had a sneaky taste as well. Yummy! These yogurts are perfect for weaning. They’re organic with real fruit puree and no added sugar! Callum eats about 4 a day and I can rest knowing I’m not rotting his teeth as they are just coming through, all 4 of them – at the one time. They definitely help to soothe his gums too.

Be careful when you rip the packaging open as on the inside they have codes you can put in online to win prizes, days out or give to charity! They also have a colouring  picture for the kids and an activity you can do with them, if they’re at the toddler stage.

With the green pack of Natural Fromage Frais the newest to be added to the Little Yeo range, you can mix in with other foods, like soup, stew, mash, homemade pasta sauce, chopped egg or tuna sandwich fillings. It’s also good for adding to porridge or breakfast cereals to cool it down, which is an excellent idea as waiting around for food to cool down when baby is hungry, well lets just say its a stressful time.

What Did We Think?

Callum LOVES them, every flavour! I particularly love the fact they have no added sugar and you can add them to cereals and other foods, for more nourishment or to cool down the food. I have found a new brand of dairy products, which is widely available in lots of supermarkets including Tesco, Morrision’s and Sainsbury’s , the price is great too starting at £1.00 for a 6 pack. You can find out more about Little Yeo’s > Here <

OXO Tots Yummy Snack Time Review yummymummystyleblog.wordpress.comOXO Tots Yummy Snack Time Review yummymummystyleblog.wordpress.com 21


**I was sent this product for a review. My opinions are my own and I am under no obligations to give a positive review.

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    I could do with a grown up version of a bib with a crumb tray 😉

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