My Stationery Goodies From @seasonsincolour

Happy Monday you lovely lot

Its happy for me because its my day off from the NutJob

Yesterday he was very grumpy all day so now its dad’s turn, I do have a 1st birthday party later on today though so I’ll have the boys back for a few hours and then they’ll go back to their dads again and I can get some relaxing blogging done.

Today I’m showing you some of the goodies I won from Jenny’s #backtoschool Giveaway over @SeasonInColour on Twitter

  Jenny runs a fabulous Interior Design Website/Blog that was shortlisted for Best Designed Blog in this years

The Amara Interior Blog Awards #IBA2015.

seasons in colour picture nnnnCONTENTS

  • Clipboard – which I’ve found very handy for storing bills and important letters.
  • 2 washy tapes – 1 with a mustache design and the other a mixed colour design
  • Hardback Notebook –  Quote – I don’t need luck I have awesome on my side
  • Pink Leather Notebook – Quote –  A girl should be two things classy and fabulous
  • Blue Pineapple Notebook – With pink patterned pages
  • Pencil storage box – Containing 6 pencils and 1 rubber

seasons in colour notebook finished pieceAhhhhhhh this notebook is to die for… its beautiful. It has a leather cover on the outside with gold trimming on all of the pages on the inside. I also love the gold foil quote on front. Its so beautiful I haven’t found anything worthwhile putting inside it yet, its too good for just ‘notes’ I’m sure I’ll find good use for it anyway. I’ve always been a list maker and adore new notebooks, and upon starting my blog I’ve found lots of blog planners, journals, notebooks and lots of other stationery that I can just look at for hours and hours. I’m guilty of spending too much time on E-Bay and Etsy looking for planner stickers like some sort of teenager!

seasons in colourI really like this hardback notebook which I’ve chosen as my social media tracker where I store my blogging contacts, Linky’s, hashtags, blog competitions and things like that. It’s rather bulky, not so good for carrying around with you.

seasons in colour 444And finally the pineapple notebook, pencils and washy tape. I’m not as fond of this notebook as the others but it’s still quite pretty and will get used to store quick notes that can be written down quickly without the need for neat handwriting. The pencils I’m going to be honest and say I will never use. They may come in handy for my son during homework time but then again they’re so pretty that I may just keep them – for what reason… I don’t know. I’m a hoarder of pretty things I’ll never use – you should see my wardrobe! The washy tape is something I never even knew existed until a few months ago when I got addicted to planners so that will definitely come in handy soon enough.

So there you have it …My gorgeous goodies from

Please go and check out Jenny’s Website/Blog for your Home interior inspiration. Her website is stunning with lots of funky and modern pieces and styles. You should also check out what she has done to her own home. I want to go and live with Jenny! Her sons bedroom and the little shed out back look so cool! You can also follow her on Twitter and Instagram where she posts some pretty amazing stuff πŸ™‚

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