ALDI Baby Products Review

ALDI has gotten pretty popular in the last few years and I have to admit that it’s a shop I rarely frequent, twice I think I’ve shopped there and the only thing that puts me off is the fact that you have to bag your own stuff after leaving the checkout. They opened a store not far from me and I’ve still to go and check it out – mainly because I shop online with Iceland and get it delivered, its just more convenient for me as shopping with the kids can be a nightmare.

One thing I was keen on trying was their nappies! I got one in my new baby pack when Callum was born but never got the chance to use it as he grew pretty fast. I tried every other nappy brand and so far Tesco nappies are my favorite and Superdrugs the worst. So I was pretty glad I finally got the chance to review ALDI’s and a few of their other products.

Do you think its swayed my choice of where to shop?

Lets find out.

ALDI Baby Products Review ALDI washing powder ALDI nappies ALDI babyfood

Here is a list of the things I Reviewed and their Prices

  • Mamia Ultra Dry Maxie Nappies Size 4 ||  48 Pack £4.09
  • Mamia Frangranced Baby Wipes || 64 pack  59p
  • Mamia Sensitive Wipes- Fragrance Free || 64 pack  59p
  • Mamia Baby Bath || 500ml 79p
  • Mamia Baby Shampoo || 500ml 79p
  • Mamia Organic Food Range || Details Below
  • Almat Washing Powder Non-Bio || Details Below
  • Almat Washing Tablets Non-Bio || 36 pack 18 washes £2.39
  • Almat Laundry Gel || 21 washes £1.99
  • Anco So Soft Concentrated Fabric Conditioner || 28 washes 99p

ALDI Baby Products Review yummymummystyleblog.wordpress.com8 ALDI nappies ALDI nappy ALDI babywipes mamia

The nappies I’m VERY impressed with, the great thing I noticed when taking one out of the pack was that they were very thin – like a pampers nappy ( who I don’t rate, they’ve never worked for either of my boy’s,  I bought an emergency pack a few weeks ago and it cost me £5.00 for 28 and they leaked!!!) Callum wore an ALDI nappy for 12 hours overnight on the first day of trying them, it was rather bulky in the morning but still no leaks. I’ve definitely changed my nappy brand now, a 48 pack at only £4.09 is a total bargain and I’m reassuring you these are top quality! I hate those bulky feel nappies before you put them on, these being very soft I think its more comfortable for Callum to move around in. 10/10

The Frangranced Wipes I do recommend too, although as you’ll notice on the picture below the case came straight off on first opening them, this didn’t put me off however, I go through many baby wipes and knew they wouldn’t last long anyway. I threw the case in the bin and I’ve been using them for 5 days and they haven’t dried out at all. They smell really nice too, the smell is pretty strong and after an explosion and no time for a bath these work really good for keeping baby smelling good! They come out of the pack one at a time so its easy to work one handed. They also have a good feel to them not being too thick ( like Huggie’s ) or too thin, just right! I will be buying these! 10/10

The sensitive wipes I probably won’t use again and its only because I don’t really have cause to use them, Callum’s skin isn’t that sensitive and I like the smell of the frangranced wipes best. They do the same job though the only difference is there is no smell.

ALDI Baby Products Review yummymummystyleblog.wordpress.com8We tried out the Mamia Baby Bath and it does smell lovely and leaves his skin feeling soft but unfortunately we haven’t tried out the shampoo due to Callum having cradle cap. So I’m still using Cusson’s Mum and Me Shampoo. The cradle cap is completely gone now but I don’t want to risk using another product and bringing it back. It will get used soon enough though. At 79p I would buy it.

ALDI Baby Products Review ALDI baby shampoo ALDI baby bath

Now Onto The ALDI 100% Oragnic Food Range

1 x strawberry and apple pouch | stage 1 from 4 months 59p

1 x apple and banana pouch | stage 1 from 4 months 59p

1 x apple, carrot & parsnip pouch | stage 1 from 4 months 59p

1 x apple, sweet potato butternut squash and blueberry pouch | stage 1 from 4 months 59p

1 x Junior Mini Rice Cakes | 7 months+ 59p

Callum loved all of the pouches apart from the Purple one – apple, sweet potato butternut squash and blueberry. They all smell and taste pretty horrid on my end but the Nut-Job thought they were mostly good. The Rice cakes went down a treat too. I would buy them apart from the one he doesn’t like.

ALDI Baby Products Review yummymummystyleblog.wordpress.com6 ALDI Baby food mamia weaning babyled weaning ricecakes

ALDI Baby Products Review yummymummystyleblog.wordpress.com7 ALSI baby food weaning baby led weaning

After causing a complete mess it was time to try out all of the ALDI Laundry Products, Its the most washing’s I’ve ever done in a row I will tell you that!

ALDI Baby Products Review ALDI washing powder Almat

ALDI Baby Products Review ALDI almat gel anco fabric softner mamia babyfood nappies

I tested out the Almat Non-Bio Washing Powder and the Anco Fabric Conditioner together, I noticed the washing powder was pretty lumpy but it didn’t leave any residue on the clothes so that’s a good sign. I didn’t think these products came out smelling too wonderful, not bad – it does the job but I prefer a really strong clean smell coming from the clothes afterwards so I will rate both of these products a 7/10. It’s £2.39 for 25 washes of the washing powder I received a larger box ( 40 washes but I can’t find the price) The fabric conditioner is 99p.

The Almat Gel is a winner for me – it does 21 washes and is only £1.99 and it leaves the clothes smelling really really nice. The same goes for the Almat tablets £2.29 for a 36 pack that does 18 washes. Both of these products I would buy again before the 2 products above. They smell really strong, they aren’t too bulky for your shopping bags and the price is great, whats not to love!

ALDI Baby Products Review

Results From The ALDI Almat Washing Gel

ALDI Baby Products Review

Both ALDI Almat Gel and Almat Tablets are My Favorite Laundry Products


So that’s My Review. It HAS swayed my choice of supermarkets for good quality products at low prices.

As Stupid as this sounds, I didn’t even know that ALDI had a website, I mean who doesn’t have a website these days, they let me have one didn’t they??

You can visit ALDI HERE

They’ve just brought out their Christmas range and I feel I might go a bit crazy in there after looking at the site. I will be doing a Christmas food shop there this year and I’m looking forward to seeing what other baby products they offer for Callum.

Do you shop at ALDI?

What’s your best and worst brand nappies?


**I was sent these product’s for a review. My opinions are my own and I am under no obligations to give a positive review.

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  1. Mummy's Blog says:

    I’m a big fan of the Aldi baby range and have always used the nappies. I’m yet to try the washing products though, I’ll have to put those on my shopping list!

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  2. I admire the valuable information you offer in your articles. I will bookmark your site!!


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