Project 52 -My Family Photo week 12 & 13

Week 12 didn’t work out as planned, as the kids were off school last Monday and Sean went off to stay with his dad on the Sunday so we never got our photo done, so I’m bringing you a double post today.

 Week 12 I thought I’d do something different and it’s a messy one, what was I thinking!

We actually had a lot of fun creating this little picture and it’s now took its place on our fridge. Check out Callum’s little blob! 2

On the Blog

Tuesday 17th Nov, I spent the full day researching and pondering about whether to go self hosted. I was going to take the plunge but in the end up when I went to purchase my new domain it wouldn’t let me due to problems on the site. I tried so many times and gave up after deciding that this was probably a sign for me to just go with the flow at the minute. Did I really need my whole website messed up and having to fix it all. No thanks, so I was rather glad that it never worked out.

FullSizeRender final


I have bypassed last months page views. So if your a stat watcher you can imagine how happy it’s made me. It’s my goal every month to do better than last and it pushes me to work harder the following month. My views have doubled since I first began in the middle of August, this month alone!

I’ve joined another Linky where you can post to it weekly only about things that made you happy that week which can also be added to my weekly posts like this one I do every Sunday. If it sounds like something you’d be interested in you can join the linky. It’s called The #happydiaries linky Hosted by Tracey over at The Anxious Dragon and you’d be more than welcome to link up as long as it’s a post about something that made you happy recently.


I’ve been reviewing Bepanthan  nappy ointment with Callum and I have been testing out Insta Natural Youth Express Eye Gel so I’m excited to bring you these results very soon. The eye gel will be published in a few weeks as I would like to really test it to see the results. It’s quite out of my price range for skincare products and if I’m going to recommend it, I want to see if it works!

I also have 2 new planners for 2016 that I purchased. The first one from TOAD diaries ( My Blog Planner ) and also Busy b ( My personal Diary with Stickers) coming really soon!


Home Life

How exciting that Christmas is just around the corner, I have just purchased a new white Christmas tree and I’m looking forward to doing more of a theme this year. So I can’t wait to go shopping for all the decorations tomorrow. The weather has stopped us getting out these past few weeks and its rather depressing. We had a few outing’s to attend, to celebrate St.Andrews day this weekend and they all had to be cancelled. There is no way I’m taking the kids out in that crazy weather!

Callum’s doing much better in the sleep department thankfully but we’re still having trouble on the days when he comes back from his dad’s. Tuesdays & Saturdays I’m made to pay for my day off the day before. Sometimes I think I might have an easier time of it if I never had any days off at all. I have been getting a better sleep at night though so that makes it a little easier.

My Dad came for an unexpected visit today, so I got about 2 weeks worth of housework done in an hour. I haven’t saw him in a few months as he stays quite far out and its hard to travel to with the pram and a crazy baby, so that was a lovely surprise! He’s been inserted into this weeks family photo.

IMG_5485 final

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