24 Easy Days Of Elf On The Shelf

The countdown is on and Christmas is now only 24 days away!

Today is the day when all of the elf’s arrive from the north pole to watch over your children and report back to Santa every day until Christmas Eve!

Some of you may wonder what in gods name I’m going on about but if you’re a mummy blogger then you’ll know very well, that I’m talking about the – Elf On The Shelf. If you’re not familiar with it already, it’s the best and funniest advent calendar I’ve ever had for my 7 year old son and it’s something I really recommend doing for your child at Christmas time. It’s certainly a great way to improve their behavior when December is already stressful enough.

Unfortunately my son has found out about Santa Claus this year and Mr Jingles ( Our build-a-bear elf ) will not be returning. If only my son had found out a few weeks earlier when I finally purchased the real elf for 26 quid eh! Thankfully I can put it away for when Callum’s old enough for it.

I decided to do this quick post because I noticed that there’s a few people just began the elf on the shelf this year and I thought I would tell you how I went about it and some of the idea’s that I’ve used previously. Some are considerably easy as who wants to be farting about with this elf every night just before bedtime. uh -uh! So here is how I go about my list and  24 days of elf on the shelf.

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(Quick note) There are a few photos at the bottom of my post from last year to show you what I done. They aren’t that great but it is what you make it, it doesn’t need to be Pinterest perfect, unless you’re a great photographer! This is mainly just a list from day one until the end but I have inserted a Pinterest board below with lots of idea’s for you and I also have another board for elf on the shelf printable’s because you’re going to need some of them too. I’m not sure how to go about a photo post yet and the thought of asking all these people if I can use their photo for my post would take a long time and time is something I don’t have.

So lets get started.

First of all I suggest you start pinning every single elf on the shelf post that you find on Pinterest because once you start this tradition, you will have to do it every year and the ideas start to run out, so get pinning and I suggest you do this all throughout the year as planning begins in November. Print out a December calendar sheet and write a do-able idea for everyday. Once you’ve decided on the plan you then have to buy all of the supplies, now this can go to around £50.00 (if you let it) and I know what you must be thinking – don’t they get enough for Christmas? I always think of it as a part of their Christmas so it doesn’t bother me, the reaction and excitement is my aim and a lot of it is already things you would normally do at Christmas time anyway. This is where the Poundshop, Home Bargains and B&M Bargains comes in handy for their cheap books, activities and stationery etc….


Dec 1st –  The elf arrives, with his welcome letter and a North Pole Breakfast ( you will need a new Christmas cup, and breakfast bowl/plate/tray) Search pinterest for North Pole Breakfast for some fab inspo!

Dec 2nd – Put mustache’s on family photo’s, one on the elf and leave 1 spare for child ( these can be bought from B&M Bargains in the novelty toy section) I’m sure you could get them from e-bay or amazon also. Don’t forget to take pictures!

Dec 3rd – Depending on how early you put up your decorations you could decorate while your child sleeps and pretend the elf done it while you were all asleep. Remember to leave a note saying it was the elf who done it with a few little sweet treats.

Dec 4th – Write on your bathroom mirror with the toothpaste your elf’s name and leave elf to hold the toothpaste as though it was them that done it.

Dec 5th – Elf brings a Santa letter where they write out their Christmas list and you then make a trip to the postbox to post it.

Dec 6th – Elf covers the Christmas tree with the child’s underwear all over , doesn’t cost a penny.

Dec 7th – Buy a new Christmas book and get the elf to read to the child’s other toys and then read it to them at bedtime.

Dec 8th – Get out one of your kids game’s and pretend the elf and another toy are playing it, then of course have a game with them.

Dec 9th – I usually sellotape the elf up at the top of the stairs on the banister outside Sean’s bedroom and get a figure to sit in front of it as though the other toy/s have tied him up.

Dec 10th – get all your baking supplies together arranged with your elf with a note, to bake Christmas cookies/cupcakes.

Dec 11th – get a baking bowl, fill it with fake snow ( you can buy little bags of fake snow from the poundshop or you can use those test-tube bottles that you add water to- also from the poundshop) and get the kids to bury m&m’s or smarties (as seeds) and a few days later, candy canes can sprout out –  get the child to check daily to see if anything has grown yet, I’d leave it a few days.

Dec 12th – The elf has ate the child’s advent calendar so buy 2 before December and replace it the next day.

Dec 13th – The elf has come with a letter that the child is going to see Santa today! At the shopping centre.

Dec 14th – The elf brings a Christmas activity ( you can get loads of different Christmas activities from Home Bargains and the Poundshop, like making your own Christmas tree ornament/ making your own Christmas cards etc….

Dec 15th – Elf Brings tickets to the Panto! Pre-book some seats.

Dec 16th – Make Zig Zags with crept paper outside your child’s bedroom door frame and pretend the elf had some fun while they were asleep. Buy some crept paper from the Card Factory, cut it into strips and sellotape to the door frame.

Dec 17th – Fill the bath with white balloons and pretend the elf is having a bubble bath

Dec 18th – Line up all the shoes in the house, like a train. Putting the elf in the first set of shoes/welly’s and child’s toys in the others ‘The shoe shoe train’

Dec 19th – Buy post it notes and place them all over the kitchen cupboards, you could also use Christmas bows but post it’s are much faster to work with, you could also do the shape of a Christmas tree if you buy the right colour of post its.

Dec 20th – Fill up your washing machine and place the elf in front of the window for child to find, with a little surprise.

Dec 21st – Candy cane treasure hunt. Hide a certain amount of candy canes around the room, in easy places and if they find them all they will get a treat ( a Christmas lolly/sweet)

Dec 22nd – Have the Elf bring a new DVD and popcorn and have a Christmas movie night.

Dec 23rd – use mini marshmallows and pretend the elf and another toy were having a snowball fight. You can use your fake snow from before with this to set the scene.

Dec 24th – The elf brings the Christmas Eve box, containing new pj’s/slippers, a key for Santa if you don’t have a chimney, reindeer food, which you can easily make at home with porridge oats and glitter or be purchased from e-bay for like £1.80 in a little presentation bag, The night before Christmas book and also a new DVD if they watch a DVD before bed, a character bubble bath, A small selection box or whatever else you would like to add. The elf must also come with a goodbye letter.

For years I wanted to make a memory book of it all but it never happened. You should take pictures of all the things you have done, including pictures with the kids, their reactions and make a memory book to look back on, and also I really want to see what you’ve done with your elf – so blog them too 🙂

There loads of idea’s on the Pinterest board below, these ideas above are just very easy and fast idea’s because if you work full time and try to fit the elf into your life, it can be a bit time consuming so I hope I helped someone at least!

24 Days Of Elf On The Shelf yummymummystyleblog.wordpress.com easy elf on the shelf, elf on the shelf ideas, elf on the shelf printables, advent calendar, christmas, quick elf on the shelf ideas

I would love to Donate Our Build-A-Bear Elf


to another family.

 I only bought it 4 years ago because I only had £20 in the bank and I couldn’t afford to purchase the real elf at the time and this was the quickest alternative I could find.

So….. The first person to DM me on twitter gets the elf!

Make Christmas magical for your little one and start the elf tradition, this gets me more excited than the kids I think! lol

Whats your Elf’s name?

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