Our Personalised Christmas Stockings From Izabela Peters

Good afternoon blogga’s

Today I’m showing off our new Personalised Christmas stockings from Izabela Peters.

Christmas is my favorite time of year and I love to make it a magical time for my son, creating memories and traditions that he will remember when he’s older and hopefully do with his own children.

Its all about the Kids!

This year we have 3 in our little family and instead of getting a baby’s first Christmas stocking I decided to opt for one that I could use year after year. I also bought myself one too because I’ve never in my life owned one.

I’m 32 years old and I’ve never had a stocking *sad face*

So I got the boys the same one and mine the opposite colours as I thought it would look prettier when hung. I’ve put my name on mine with the word mum written underneath and the boys full names on theirs.

Their surname is Hely (pronounced Healy) I know it’s weird. It’s their dads surname, it could be worse they could have mine – Jaconelli!

Our personalised christmas stockings from Izabela Peters yummymummystyleblog.wordpress.com

They are pretty large and you can fit a decent amount of stocking fillers in there.

When I’ve filled them all, I shall be bringing out another blog post called

Whats in Our Christmas stocking’s?

For aΒ  Woman , 7 year old boy and 9 month old boy

So look out for that post next month for some last minute idea’s.

Our personalised christmas stockings from Izabela Peters yummymummystyleblog.wordpress.comI came across the website while joining in with one of her many competitions on the Izabela Peters Twitter page where I won the most gorgeous little personalised cushion for my youngest son (below). Before I won I happened to be on the lookout for personalised stockings and it was only after I won the cushion that I noticed she sold these beautiful stockings. So that was me – making an order and I’m extremely happy with them both – the stockings and the cushion.The material is thick, very good quality and the designs are lovely. They’re more than I’d usually pay for a stocking to be honest at Β£16.99 each but because it’s personalised and I know I won’t have to buy anymore stocking’s at Christmas ever again, I decided to go for it. I did get a 20% discount so paid around Β£10 less than I should have which I was very happy about.

If you like these stocking’s you can find them and lots of other designs here on her website

Where she sells lots of other beautiful products for the home, children and pets too.

I also have a Discount Code for you, when making your purchase use the code IP20 at the check out for a 20% Discount and Free Postage and Packaging. How fab is that!!!

They are making the stockings right up until the week before Christmas and usually have them made and shipped within 2-3 days so that’s very handy!

Our personalised christmas stockings from Izabela Peters yummymummystyleblog.wordpress.comThis is not a sponsored post, I really just wanted to show you the beautiful things she sells because I’m a sucker for personlised items and because its Christmas you might also be looking for stockings like I was. Will you be buying one? Show me your Christmas stockings and give me filler ideas for mine!

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My Stationery Goodies From @seasonsincolour

Happy Monday you lovely lot

Its happy for me because its my day off from the NutJob

Yesterday he was very grumpy all day so now its dad’s turn, I do have a 1st birthday party later on today though so I’ll have the boys back for a few hours and then they’ll go back to their dads again and I can get some relaxing blogging done.

Today I’m showing you some of the goodies I won from Jenny’s #backtoschool Giveaway over @SeasonInColour on Twitter

  Jenny runs a fabulous Interior Design Website/Blog that was shortlisted for Best Designed Blog in this years

The Amara Interior Blog Awards #IBA2015.

seasons in colour picture nnnnCONTENTS

  • Clipboard – which I’ve found very handy for storing bills and important letters.
  • 2 washy tapes – 1 with a mustache design and the other a mixed colour design
  • Hardback Notebook –  Quote – I don’t need luck I have awesome on my side
  • Pink Leather Notebook – Quote –  A girl should be two things classy and fabulous
  • Blue Pineapple Notebook – With pink patterned pages
  • Pencil storage box – Containing 6 pencils and 1 rubber

seasons in colour notebook finished pieceAhhhhhhh this notebook is to die for… its beautiful. It has a leather cover on the outside with gold trimming on all of the pages on the inside. I also love the gold foil quote on front. Its so beautiful I haven’t found anything worthwhile putting inside it yet, its too good for just ‘notes’ I’m sure I’ll find good use for it anyway. I’ve always been a list maker and adore new notebooks, and upon starting my blog I’ve found lots of blog planners, journals, notebooks and lots of other stationery that I can just look at for hours and hours. I’m guilty of spending too much time on E-Bay and Etsy looking for planner stickers like some sort of teenager!

seasons in colourI really like this hardback notebook which I’ve chosen as my social media tracker where I store my blogging contacts, Linky’s, hashtags, blog competitions and things like that. It’s rather bulky, not so good for carrying around with you.

seasons in colour 444And finally the pineapple notebook, pencils and washy tape. I’m not as fond of this notebook as the others but it’s still quite pretty and will get used to store quick notes that can be written down quickly without the need for neat handwriting. The pencils I’m going to be honest and say I will never use. They may come in handy for my son during homework time but then again they’re so pretty that I may just keep them – for what reason… I don’t know. I’m a hoarder of pretty things I’ll never use – you should see my wardrobe! The washy tape is something I never even knew existed until a few months ago when I got addicted to planners so that will definitely come in handy soon enough.

So there you have it …My gorgeous goodies from seasonsincolour.com

Please go and check out Jenny’s Website/Blog for your Home interior inspiration. Her website is stunning with lots of funky and modern pieces and styles. You should also check out what she has done to her own home. I want to go and live with Jenny! Her sons bedroom and the little shed out back look so cool! You can also follow her on Twitter and Instagram where she posts some pretty amazing stuff πŸ™‚

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Project 52 – My Famiy Photo Week 11

Hello guys and welcome to week 11 of My Family Photo

I thought I would go a bit deeper into these posts as I’m so busy doing lots of reviews I hardly get time to write anything personal and it has been bothering me.

So I would like to add in something I have learned/accomplished with my blog every week, something I’m thankful for, things I’m reviewing, things I’ve been watching – that kind of thing, so you can get to know me a bit better.


  • This week I’ve joined my first ever Linky, In-fact Β I’ve joined 3 ( #FartGlitter Linky#TheBabyFormula Linky —- #TheList Linky) I can see this being addictive. Add the hosts and link your posts!
  • I’ve beat my best views ever in one day stat – Woohoo!
  • I’m less than 100 away from beating last months pages views and its only the 15th plus I’ve been mighty busy preparing new posts this weekend.
  • I’ve found a room in my house where all the light goes for better photos! Although my attempts are still futile.

The past few days I’ve been doing lots of bloggy stuff, mainly taking and editing pictures for lots of different blog posts so it’s took up a lot of my time and I haven’t been on social media very much.


Products from ALDI which should be out early next week.


Callum has been sleeping slightly better at night but that’s another blog post hopefully to come next week too.


I don’t have much time to watch T.V these days as most of my spare time is spent blogging, which I really enjoy. I do take some time out on a Monday night though to catch up with Real Housewives Of Atlanta and Real Housewives of Cheshire. I’m a big Real Housewives fan, I watch them all. The drama, the houses, their lifestyles – I love it! The women are all very shallow but the drama keeps me watching. One thing you will NEVER hear me watching is T.O.W.I.E or X-Factor Nope…just nope!

Its been Raining for about 2 weeks non stop in Glasgow, it really prevents me from leaving the house, even on my days away from the kids, its not just your normal rain either – its windy rain, its you’ll be drenched before you’ve reached the bus stop 5 minutes away rain so its been another housebound week for us.

So here it is

My Family Photo Week 11

project 52 my family photo week 11 yummymummystyleblog.wordpress.comPhoto 1 being the decent one & Photo 2 what happens when I try to get a picture of these guys every week.

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Project 52 – My Family Photo Week 10

It’s Week 10 already! That’s gone by fast!

You’d think in that time I’d produce something more pleasing on the eye…. but nope – here I am with another crap photo.

The Weather & Postman has prevented me getting out much this week.

project 52 my family photo yummymummystyleblog.wordpress.com

I’ve actually been rather productive in trying to get my house organized. It was beginning to look like an episode of hoarders for about 8 months. It’s not really changed much you can never truly have a tidy house with a baby in tow, but I can see the bottom of my laundry basket now and I have 5 school uniforms set up ready to be ironed! Go me. However I’ve been up since 4am this morning. I hope tonight is a good night with the nut-job.

This week it’s just Me and Callum as Sean’s been staying with his Dad/Gran most of the weekend.

I certainly don’t plan on leaving the house today as it’s quite stormy in Glasgow.

I hope Sean’s trampoline is still at the bottom of the garden……..

My Family Photo Week 10

Project 52 my family photo week 10 yummymummystyleblog.wordpress.com

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Shoe Zone Autumn/Winter Collection and Boot Review

As much as I hate the Winter weather I love it when its time to start buying a new jacket and boots. I feel the cold really easily so instead of dressing for fashion purposes it’s mainly for comfort during Winter. Gone are the days when it takes you 30 minutes to fix your hair & makeup – Hello Hat you don’t even need to fix your hair…. WIN!

Today on the blog I have been reviewing a pair of boots from Shoe Zone. I was asked to pick a pair of boots from their website to the value of Β£30 and after recently buying a fancier pair of boots from a little boutique in my area (that have started hurting my feet) I decided to look for something more comfortable and boots that I wouldn’t mind getting dirty for the school run in the morning. It takes us 20 minutes to walk there with many muddy obstacle course’s to get through and puddles the size of a small pond. So I picked the Women’s Lilley Black Quilted Riding Boot’s at Β£24.99.

They were just what I was looking for in terms of comfort and they also look quite fashionable with the quilted design and buckle on the ankle. They arrived very quickly and as soon as I put them on, I knew I’d made the right decision. You know that feeling when you put your feet into UGG Boots and your feet are completely flat on the ground? Well hello cheaper version! If you have wide feet like me these boots are perfect for you! I’ve been wearing them for a week now and not a single blister on my very sensitive feet – just pure comfort. The only downside to these boots is on the inside they are furry so when you take them off your socks will be covered in black fluff, not what you need with cream carpets, Luckily I have flooring on the bottom of my house and the carpets start from the stairs upwards so it doesn’t bother me, if you have socks specifically for boots – like welly socks then it’s not really a problem, comfort is more of a priority for me.

They wash down easily and the sole’s won’t wear down as fast – being hard and durable. Walking through puddles is a breeze with no leak’s – so far! I love Shoe Zone for their fashionable shoes at cheap prices, not just for me but also for my 7 year old son who goes through shoes very quickly! No matter the price.

I’ve posted a photo below and I’ve also brought together

My Top 10 Favorites From

Shoe Zone’s

Autumn/Winter Collection 2015

Shoe Zone Autumn Winter Collection and boot review www.shoezone.com  yummymummystyleblog.wordpress.comShoe Zone Autumn Winter Collection and boot review www.shoezone.com  yummymummystyleblog.wordpress.com

Shoe Zone's Autumn/Winter Collection 2015


1. Women’s Lilley Black Quilted Riding Boot Β£24.99

2. Women’s Truffle Black Knee High Boot With Gold Trim Β£29.99

3. Lilley Women’s Buckled Heel Boot In Black Β£24.99

4. Lilley Women’s Black Ankle Boot With Studs Β£19.99

5. Lilley Women’s Black Chunky Ankle Boot Β£24.99

6. Lilley Women’s Black Slip On Platform Ankle Boot Β£19.99

7. Truffle Women’s Black Chunky Platform Ankle Boot Β£24.99

8. Truffle Women’s Black Double Buckle Chelsea Boot Β£19.99

9. Women’s Flat Faux Fur Trim Knee High Boot In Black Β£12.99

10. Lilley Women’s Black Crocodile Print Canvas Pump Β£9.99


You can either click on the wishlist picture above to purchase any of these shoes through the Polyvore App

or just click directly on one of the links I provided above and it will take you to your favorite shoe on the

Β Shoe Zone Website

You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook for regular deals and competitions right on your news feed.

What pair would you choose?


**I was sent this product for a review. My opinions are my own and I am under no obligations to give a positive review.

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Cj’s 8 month update

My little nutjob is 8 months already!

Although it feels like he’s much older. Ok truthfully… I feel much older Zzzzz 😦

A few things have changed since Callum’s 7 month update

callums 8 month update yummymummystyleblog.wordpress.com 2

This Month

  • 4 New Teeth – That’s 7 in total and not slowing down
  • He can clap his hands, although he just ignores you when you tell him to do it
  • He move’s with ease in his walker in whichever direction he chooses, usually towards my ankles!
  • He loves bath-time so much since I got a new bath-seat. He can sit upright and splash away
  • He can feed himself with a spoon….messily! It’s a pity mummy has OCD – Although my house would show me up!
  • You may already know but if not Callum said his First word
  • With all these new teeth coming through his sleeping has got worse, I typically see 4 hours sleep on weekends yayyyy!

Our Routine

Things have been shaken up with the teething and as much as I stick to the same routine as last month the boy just wake’s whenever he pleases. So it’s pretty much the same again but with even less sleep for both of us.



  • When you leave the room
  • He doesn’t really like being in the dark, my oldest had his Halloween party last week and on the walk home he woke up from a nap and I think he was terrified because it was dark outside, poor little monkey cried for the whole 20 minute walk home
  • Being strapped into things, its a fight getting him into the highchair or pram.
  • Juice – He much prefers water which is very pleasing.

callums 8 month update yummymummystyleblog.wordpress.com

My goals for next month

Getting my Blog Post out on time!!!!

I don’t really have any goals, just HOPES!

I hope the whole teething stage would hurry up and pass!

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My Kid Doesn't Poop Rainbows

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10 Affordable Christmas Jumpers from ASDA George

Hello Girlies πŸ™‚

I have never in my life worn a christmas jumper as I don’t really believe in buying items of clothing that you can only wear once, unless its a pretty dress, I have a thing about never wearing the same outfit twice for a nightout, thankfully I don’t get any many of those!

But this year since we have a new addition to the family I thought I’d make an effort, its definitely something to look back and laugh at, later on down the years.

So if you’re looking to spend a small amount I have brought together my list of

Β 10 Affordable Christmas Jumpers from ASDA George

10 Affordable Christmas Jumpers from ASDA George
  1. Penguin Christmas Jumper Β£14.00
  2. Fashion Box Knit Jumper Β£16.00
  3. Sequin Reindeer Christmas Sweatshirt Β£12.00
  4. Let It Snow Christmas Jumper Β£16.00
  5. Sequin Snowflake Christmas Jumper Β£14.00
  6. Musical Light-Up Christmas Penguin Sweatshirt Β£12.00
  7. Christmas Fairisle Jumper & Hat Set Β£16.00
  8. Sequinned Robin Sweatshirt Β£12.00
  9. Team Rudolph Christmas Sweatshirt Β£10.00
  10. Christmas Countdown Jumper Β£12.00

My Favorite is number 4 and I’m going to purchase it asap! I also have a fondness for number 1, I could go on but to be fair I love them all that’s why they’re on the list. Number 10 is pretty cool where you can change the dates counting down to Christmas, perfect if you were doing a December photo challenge on your blog or something.

So there you go, a quick look at some affordable jumpers that won’t break the bank.

Will you be wearing a cheesy Christmas jumper?

and Whats your favorite?

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You Baby Me Mummy

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